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DOT approved helmet

Safety helmet: A person operating or riding on a snowmobile must wear a safety helmet approved by the United States Department of Transportation.

Lights: A snowmobile must display a lighted headlight and taillight at all times. It is illegal to cover your headlight with any type of colored cover.

Brakes: Brakes must be capable of stopping within 40 feet when traveling at 20 mph while carrying an operator weighing 175 pounds or more on packed snow.

Muffler: A snowmobile may not be operated without suitable and effective muffling devices. When measured on the "A" scale at a distance of 50 feet, the muffler must limit engine noise while at full throttle to:

  • No more than 86 decibels for models manufactured before July 1, 1977, or …
  • No more than 78 decibels for models manufactured after July 1, 1977.