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A snowmobile may not be operated:

  • At a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper based on existing conditions
  • In a forest nursery, in a planting area, on public lands posted or identifiable as a forest reproduction area when growing stock may be damaged, or on public lands posted or identifiable as a natural dedicated area that is in zone 2 or zone 3
  • On the frozen surface of public waters:
    • Within 100 feet of a person on the ice, including a skater
    • Within 100 feet of a fishing shanty or shelter except at the minimum speed required to maintain forward movement
    • On an area that has been cleared of snow for skating purposes unless the area is necessary for access to the public waters
  • Within 100 feet of a dwelling between 12 midnight and 6 a.m., at a speed greater than the minimum required to maintain forward movement
  • In an area where public hunting is permitted during the regular November firearm deer season from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., except under one or more of the following circumstances:
    • During an emergency
    • For law enforcement purposes
    • To go to and from a permanent residence or a hunting camp otherwise inaccessible by a conventional wheeled vehicle
    • For the conduct of necessary work functions involving land and timber survey, communication and transmission line patrol, and timber harvest operations
    • On a person’s property or property under the person’s control, or as an invited guest
  • While transporting a bow, unless unstrung or encased, or a firearm, unless unloaded and securely encased except a person with a valid Concealed Pistol License (CPL) may carry a loaded and uncased pistol on a snowmobile but may not take a longarm such as a rifle or shotgun
  • On or across a cemetery or burial ground
  • Within 100 feet of a slide, ski, or skating area, except when traveling on a county road right-of-way or a snowmobile trail that is designated and funded by the Michigan DNR
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