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Michigan snowmobile safety certificate

Operating a snowmobile in Michigan is governed by age, safety education, supervision, and local restrictions.

Operation of a Snowmobile by Children Under Age 12

A parent or legal guardian shall not permit his or her child who is less than 12 years of age to operate a snowmobile without the direct supervision of an adult except on land owned or under the control of the parent or legal guardian.

Operation of a Snowmobile by Operators Ages 12–16

Persons 12 to 16 years old may operate a snowmobile if one of the following conditions exists:

  • The person is under the direct supervision of someone 21 or older or...
  • The person has in his or her possession a snowmobile safety certificate or...
  • The person is on land owned or under the control of his or her parent or legal guardian or...
  • The person possesses a snowmobile safety certificate issued under the authority of the laws of another state or Canadian province.

An operator 12 to 16 years old must have a valid snowmobile safety certificate in his or her immediate possession to cross a highway or street.

Who May Not Operate a Snowmobile

You may not operate a snowmobile in Michigan if your operator’s or chauffeur’s license is suspended or revoked.

Operating a snowmobile while your license is suspended or revoked is a misdemeanor violation, and you may be penalized.

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