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Just as you are required to have a vehicle registration for your car, you must have a Michigan Certificate of Registration and registration decals to operate a snowmobile legally in Michigan. Exceptions to registration are:

  • A snowmobile operated exclusively on lands owned or under the control of the snowmobile owner
  • A snowmobile used entirely in a safety education and training program conducted by a certified snowmobile safety instructor

To register your snowmobile, contact the Michigan Secretary of State.

The pocket-size certificate of registration must be carried with the snowmobile.

The registration decals must be placed on each side of the forward half of the cowl above the footwell. No number other than the registration number may be displayed on the snowmobile.

The certificate of registration and registration decal authorizes the operation of the snowmobile for a 3-year period that begins on October 1 and expires on September 30 of the third year.

Michigan smowmobile decal location

Historic Snowmobiles

In Michigan, a historic snowmobile is a snowmobile that is:

  • At least 26 years old and…
  • Owned solely as a collector’s item and…
  • Limited to occasional use and for participation in club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades, and similar uses.

If your snowmobile meets the requirements above and you choose to register it as a historic snowmobile:

  • The registration fee is a one-time cost of $50.
  • The registration does not expire.
  • The registration cannot be transferred to a new owner.
  • One decal is issued. Place this decal above or below the snowmobile’s headlight. If your historic snowmobile does not have a headlight, place the decal on the forward half of the cowl above the footwell.
  • A trail permit is not required.
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