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  • Make sure the size stamped on the ball hitch on the towing vehicle is the same size that is stamped on the trailer’s coupler.
  • Make sure the ball hitch lever is latched properly.
  • Cross safety chains under the tongue, and latch them to the towing vehicle’s frame.
  • Latch the trailer bed properly.
  • Check wheel bearings for proper lubrication.
  • Check tire pressure (proper PSI).
  • Check lug nuts. Are they tight, or are some missing?
  • Is there a spare trailer tire?
  • If your trailer has brakes (electric or hydraulic), make sure they work.
  • Test all lights—left turn, right turn, brake, rear, and license plate.
  • Make sure the front ends of the snowmobiles are secured to the trailer using a bar. Secure the rear ends with a ratchet-type load binder.
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