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A police-issued Operation Permit is required if your snowmobile is used:

  • At highway crossings that do not have a stop sign or traffic signal or...
  • For non-perpendicular highway crossings or...
  • On a highway or right-of-way.

Operation Permits:

  • Must be kept with your snowmobile at all times.
  • Must be presented if requested by a law enforcement officer.
  • Specify when and where you are allowed to cross or drive on a highway.
  • Expire on whichever is earlier:
    • The expiration date listed on the permit or...
    • One year after the date the permit was issued.

To get an Operation Permit, contact the police department or Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment that is closest to the location where you plan to use your snowmobile.


You may cross a highway without having an Operation Permit only if you make a perpendicular crossing (cross at a right angle) on a highway that has:

  • A speed limit of 100 kilometres per hour or less and traffic is controlled by a stop sign or traffic signal or...
  • A speed limit of more than 100 kilometres per hour and traffic is controlled by a traffic signal.
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