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Nothing can protect you completely, but knowing what to wear can reduce the chance of injury, as well as make your ride more comfortable.

  • Benefits of Proper Clothing
    • The proper clothing protects you from scratches as well as extremes of the weather.
    • A protective suit helps cushion you in falls or collisions.
    • Wearing a snowmobile suit may help you float for several minutes.
  • Clothing Selection
    • Ideally, wear a snowmobile suit.
    • Alternatively, use pants with kneepads, long-sleeved shirt or jacket with chest and shoulder protectors, and a riding belt for lower-back support.

Snowmobile Suit

The ideal winter outfit for riders is a snowmobile suit. In addition to keeping you warm, a snowmobile suit will keep you afloat if you fall into freezing water. Because it traps air, it acts like a flotation device. Some suits also have flotation material sewn into the lining, and others have special air pockets that you can inflate by blowing into a tube.

Clothing should fit snugly and still be comfortable. Clothing that’s too loose can snag on your sled, twigs, and branches.

Snowmobile rider holding helmet
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