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  • When planning a trip, always plot your route on a map and review any travel restrictions. Travel restrictions protect natural resources and provide non-motorized recreational opportunities.
  • Don't assume a route is open because you see tracks on the trail. They may have been left by uninformed or deliberate violators.

Encountering Horses on the Trail

  • Approach slowly, pull over, and turn off the engine.
  • Avoid sudden movements.
  • Wait until the horses have passed, and then ease back onto the trail.

Encountering Trail Groomers

Snowmobilers always should watch out for grooming equipment on the trails. In addition, snowmobile trail groomer operators try to warn snowmobilers that the trail is being groomed.

  • Grooming equipment often has an amber or orange lighted beacon on top of the cab.
  • Some groomers have an audio warning beacon that transmits a warning signal. If your helmet is equipped with a helmet communicator that can receive the signal, you will hear the signal before you see the groomer. Then you also can warn others who are riding with you.
Snowmobile transmitting signals

Some trail groomers transmit a warning signal to warn snowmobilers that the trail is being groomed.

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