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You are looking at a preview of what’s in the timed Wisconsin Snowmobile Ed Course. Feel free to look around, but you’ll need to register to begin progress toward getting your Snowmobile Safety Certificate.

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Complete a thorough inspection of your snowmobile by starting at the front and finishing at the back.

  • Skis
    • Check the overall condition and spacing/position.
    • Check the skag/wear bar condition.
    • Check the suspension condition and adjustment.
  • Cowling
    • Test the front headlights–both high and low beams.
    • Make sure that a valid registration or trail pass is displayed.
  • Engine
    • Check the drive belt’s condition and tension. Carry a spare drive belt.
    • Check the condition of the exhaust. Is the exhaust at a legal level?
    • Check fuel levels–gasoline, oil, and, if applicable, coolant.
  • Handlebars
    • Test that the handlebars turn smoothly.
    • Check all of the controls on the handlebars.
      • The throttle should move easily and snap back.
      • The brake lever should feel firm, not touch the handgrip, and snap back.
      • Test the engine’s stop switch.
  • Mid-Section
    • Examine the tracks for rips, tears, ice, and/or debris.
    • Check the condition of the high-fax/slide rail.
    • Check the bogie wheel condition.
    • Check suspension condition/adjustment.
  • Rear
    • Test that the brake light and taillight are working.
    • Make sure that you have a tool kit, operator’s manual, and spare parts.