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You cannot operate a snowmobile on any state highway unless the Department of Transportation (DOT) authorizes snowmobiling on that highway.

After stopping and yielding the right-of-way to all vehicles, you can:

  • Cross roads with fewer than five lanes. You can cross roads with five or more lanes only if crossing is authorized by the DOT.
  • Ride on a highway to cross a bridge, culvert, or railroad right-of-way unless there is a sign to prohibit it.

You can ride on any road that is not maintained for vehicles through snow removal.

You can ride on county, town, city, or village roads when you are participating in an authorized snowmobile event such as a race or derby.

When riding next to a road during daylight hours, you may travel in either direction. At night, you must travel in the same direction as the vehicles in the lane closest to you.

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