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Snowmobile registration decals are:

  • Issued by the Wisconsin DNR. For locations or to register online, visit the DNR website.
  • Required for every snowmobile.
    • Public registration: Snowmobiles that will be operated on public areas or on another person’s private property must have a public registration. These registrations are valid for three years, beginning on July 1 and expiring June 30 three years later. There is a fee for this registration.
    • Private registration: Any snowmobiles that you own, that will be operated only on your own property or on property that you lease, and that will be operated only by you or an immediate family member can have a private registration. There is no fee for this registration.
    • Antique registration: Snowmobiles with a model year 35 years or older may be registered as antiques. This registration does not expire.
  • To be displayed prominently on both sides of the cowling.
  • Not required for out-of-state snowmobiles with current registration that will be using Wisconsin trails for no more than 15 consecutive days. However, these snowmobiles must have a Wisconsin Nonresident Snowmobile Trail Pass.

The registration certificate must be shown to a law enforcement officer when asked.

Meeting Vehicle Size Requirements

A snowmobile manufactured after May 7, 1994, may not be more than 48 inches wide.

Wisconsin snowmobile–Decal location
Wisconsin snowmobile registration certificate
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