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Freeing a frozen snowmobile track
  • Release the parking brake; increase the throttle; and move slowly until the engine, drive belt, and track are warmed up fully.
  • If the snowmobile doesn’t move, stop the engine and check for a frozen track or seized brake.
    • To free a frozen track, lift the back of the snowmobile about 10–12 inches off the ground and then bounce the back of the snowmobile on the ground. Repeat as necessary.
    • To repair a seized brake, seek the advice of a mechanic.

Be a Wise Energy User

  • Warm up the engine after you start it. Ride at low speeds for a few minutes.
  • Avoid gunning the engine and jackrabbit starts, which waste fuel.
  • Keep your engine tuned correctly to get maximum mileage.
  • Use trails close to your home to minimize transportation costs.