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Snowmobile frozen water gear—Jacket and ice pick

If you plan to ride over frozen water, take additional precautions.

  • Carry emergency ice picks designed for snowmobilers and fishermen. If you fall through the ice, you can anchor the palm-size picks at the edge of the hole and pull yourself out of the water.
  • Some snowmobile jackets are now designed to provide flotation. Wearing one of these jackets, or even a personal flotation device under your jacket, will greatly increase your chances of survival if you fall into open water.

In mountainous areas where avalanches may be a problem, be sure to carry these items:

Transceiver (beeper) A transceiver lets rescuers locate you if you are trapped in an avalanche. Riders set their transceivers to “transmit” normally. After an avalanche, rescuers switch theirs to “receive.”
Avalanche probes Similar to lightweight tent poles, these probes let you search for persons or objects hidden under the snow. You also can use them to check the depth or firmness of the snow.
Shovel You can dig out an avalanche victim. You also may need to dig out your own sled if it gets stuck in snow.
Snowmobile avalanche gear—Shovel, avalanche probes, and transceiver (beeper)
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