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  • Attach a safety flag and reflectors to the sides and rear of the disabled snowmobile.
  • Remove the drive belt, and make sure the track turns freely and the brake works.
  • Use either a tow rope or a tow strap to pull the disabled snowmobile.
    • With a tow rope, tie the rope to one ski spindle of the disabled snowmobile, loop it through the rear bumper of the tow vehicle, and tie the other end to the other ski spindle of the disabled snowmobile. If the ski spindles are not accessible, tie the tow rope to the front bumper.
    • With a tow strap, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the strap to the disabled snowmobile and the tow vehicle.
  • Place a rider on the disabled snowmobile to steer it and work the brake.
  • To begin towing, move forward slowly to take up the slack in the tow rope. Then continue moving at a slow speed. Make gentle stops.
  • The safest way to tow is by using a rigid tow bar. The bar:
    • Prevents the towed sled from crashing into you if you stop suddenly.
    • Lets you control the towed sled without an extra rider.
Snowmobilers towing a disabled snowmobile
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