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An easy way to remember the items to inspect is the phrase “START-GO.”

Steering, Skis, and Drive System

  • For the steering system, verify that handlebars turn smoothly.
  • Make sure skis are in good shape and free from ice.
  • Check that the drive belt is in good shape and tight.

Throttle and Brake

  • Press levers—they should move easily and snap back.
  • Check that cables are in good shape with tight connections.

Activate Lights

  • Turn on the lights.
  • Press the brake, and have your riding partner make sure the brake light illuminates.
  • Remove any ice, snow, and dirt from your lights, instruments, mirrors, and windshield.

Registration and Reflectors

  • Make sure that your registration and trail permits/passes are attached and dates are current, as required by the state.
  • Check that reflectors are attached and clean.

Track and Suspension

  • Make sure that the track is in good shape. Studs and paddles should be tight.
  • Be sure that the suspension is functioning well.

Gasoline and Ignition System

  • Make sure the tank is full of fresh gas.
  • Make sure the air filter is clean, undamaged, and unblocked.
  • Replace spark plugs if necessary.


  • Check oil while the engine is off.
  • Check for oil or fuel leaks.
Snowmobiler checking snowmobile’s drive belt
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