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Course Outline

Anyone born after July 1, 1983, who is 12 years of age and older must complete a six-hour snowmobile safety course that is recognized by the state of Vermont.

The purpose of this education course is to help prevent accidents and ensure a bright future for snowmobiling and the millions who enjoy it. Your personal alertness, riding skill, and attention to safe and responsible operating procedures help guarantee that millions can enjoy snowmobiling now and in the future—and that you’ll be one of them.

Snowmobilers who carry a current safety certificate from another state or country satisfy education requirements, as long as the safety course meets International Association of Snowmobile Administrators (IASA) standards.

Another Reason Safety Education Matters

Many of the snowmobile passes sold in the state of Vermont are issued to snowmobilers from other states. Most of these snowmobilers are in Vermont on vacation and may have little, if any, safety education or experience.

You benefit when you ride safely and alertly, looking out for other snowmobilers.

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