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To ensure that the next riding season starts trouble free, take time at the end of the season to make repairs and prepare your machine for storage.

  • Clean it thoroughly.
  • Wax it.
  • Replace worn or missing screws and bolts.
  • Drain all fuel from the tank. Then run the engine at idle speed to clear the fuel lines and carburetor. Alternatively, you can add fuel stabilizer to extend the life of fresh fuel. Stabilizer is not effective with older fuel.
  • Remove the spark plugs. Spray fogging oil into each cylinder. Turn the engine over a few times. Then, replace the plugs or install new ones.
  • Remove the drive belt so that it won’t stretch during storage.
  • Lubricate the drive clutch with light grease.
  • Charge and remove the battery, if your machine has one.
  • Plug all openings—such as the exhaust and air intake—to keep out rodents.
  • Remove the seat, if possible, and store it inside. You may want to apply a vinyl protectant.
  • Put a board under the skis and track. Apply anti-rust paint on the wear bars, as well as on any bare metal areas on the skis.
  • Cover the machine with a breathable tarp.
Snowmobilers cleaning the snowmobile
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