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Snowmobilers taking break

Do not consume alcohol or take drugs prior to or during your snowmobile trip. Doing so increases your chances of being injured or killed.

Slow down and don't cut to the inside of the trail corners—it's dangerous and illegal.

If you snowmobile at night, don't override your lights.

Always use the buddy system. Never ride off alone or unaccompanied.

Whenever possible, avoid the ice. Drowning causes many snowmobile fatalities.

Wear sensible, protective clothing designed for snowmobiling.

Use a full-size helmet, goggles, or visor to prevent injuries from twigs, stones, ice chips, and flying debris.

Never wear any loose clothing, which could get caught in moving parts of the snowmobile.

Know the terrain where you are going to ride. If it is unfamiliar to you, ask someone who has traveled over it before.

Know the weather forecast, especially the ice and snow conditions in the area. Check on the wind chill temperatures and the chances for snow and freezing rain.

Be sure your snowmobile is in top-notch mechanical condition at the beginning of the winter season and throughout the months of use.

Familiarize yourself with the snowmobile you are driving by reading in detail the manual accompanying the snowmobile.

Do not pursue domestic or wild animals. No true sportsman would stoop to such conduct. If you see a violation of this rule, report it to the nearest law enforcement officer.

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