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Organizing a group ride takes careful planning and leadership.

  • Riders must adjust their speed and the distance between machines to accommodate the lowest level of riding experience, physical ability, and machine performance.
  • Less experienced riders, or those with less reliable machines, should never ride last.
  • The least experienced riders should ride immediately behind the leader.
  • Make sure novice riders have adequate training.
  • Allow time for all riders to discuss the trip and become familiar with the route.
  • Factor in time for rest stops and unplanned delays.
  • Plan for breakdowns, dangerous trail conditions, bad weather, and injuries.
  • Groups larger than 10 or 12 should split into smaller groups, each with a group leader and a trail sweep. Group sweeps report to group leaders. Group leaders, in turn, report to the trail leader.
  • Never leave anyone behind. Forcing riders to catch up increases accident risk.

Crossing Ice in Groups

  • Avoid crossing frozen bodies of water whenever you can.
  • Never cross ice in single file. If the group leader falls through, single-file riders may not be able to respond quickly enough to keep from following the leader through the ice.
Four snowmobilers in a group
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