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The Official Montana Snowmobile Safety Handbook

Stay up to date with laws governing snowmobiling and safe operation with the snowmobiling handbook of the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

The Handbook of Montana Snowmobile Regulations

Snowmobile Basics

A snowmobile is not a toy. It’s a vehicle built primarily for snowmobile recreation. Snowmobiles can provide hours of safe, enjoyable snowmobile riding. But snowmobiles also can be dangerous if you don’t understand your vehicle or know proper riding procedures.

Safe and Responsible

Safety on Montana snowmobile areas is the responsibility of everyone. Use the handbook to familiarize yourself with the steps to make your snowmobile outings safe and enjoyable.

It’s the Law!

Montana law enforcement officers enforce state snowmobile regulations to make your snowmobile experience safe and pleasant. Cooperate with them by following the state snowmobile laws and guidelines in this handbook.