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  • If you see someone get caught in an avalanche, do not leave to go for help. You have only about 15 minutes to rescue a buried person before he or she suffocates and dies.
    • Pay attention to the last place where you saw the victim.
    • Ask others about the number of people involved, where they were last seen, and if they were wearing a transceiver or beacon.
    • Make sure the area is safe before you go to search it.
    • Thoroughly search the area below where the victim(s) was last seen.
    • If you see gloves, boots, or other clues to the victim’s location, do not move them. Most buried snowmobilers are found within 200 feet of their machines.
    • If the victim(s) was wearing a transceiver or beacon, set your transceiver to “receive” and check for a signal.
    • If the previous techniques are not successful, use a probe to search the area systematically.
  • When you locate an avalanche victim, dig quickly but carefully.
    • Clear snow from the person’s mouth and chest first.
    • Then check for breathing problems, hypothermia, and injuries.