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Snowmobiles and Alcohol: A Deadly Mix

You learned about some of the dangers of alcohol in Unit 4. While operating a snowmobile, you should be aware of these additional effects of drinking that can create a life-threatening situation.

  • Fine Motor Skills: Your fine motor skills are reduced. These include the small muscles in your fingers, toes, and wrists.
  • Gross Motor Skills: Your gross motor skills include the large muscles in your arms, legs, torso, and feet. When these are affected, you may lose your balance and/or coordination.
  • Rational Thinking: Your decision-making skills are impaired, making it more difficult for you to identify a problem, determine a solution, and execute the solution.
  • Vision: Alcohol affects not only your ability to focus but also your ability to see colors.
    • Focus: Your eyes do not focus as well, resulting in blurred vision or double vision. Your depth perception and peripheral vision also may be affected.
    • Color: Your ability to see colors can be reduced, making red lights look nearly white.