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Injured rider being assisted by another snowmobiler

Here is a summary of information from snowmobile accident reports filed with the MN DNR.

  • Snowmobile accidents are more likely to happen on a public road’s right-of-way, public trails, and lakes or streams.
  • Regardless of the location, striking a fixed object is the cause of most snowmobile accidents.
    • Many different fixed objects have caused accidents on road right-of-ways. Potential hazards that you should be on the lookout for include sign posts, utility poles, guy wires, mailboxes, fences, stumps, rocks, branches, ice, and road debris.
    • Fixed objects that often cause trail accidents include other snowmobiles, trail groomers, wildlife or other animals, sign posts, trees, and other trail users.
    • Lakes and streams also have fixed objects that have caused snowmobile accidents. These include fish houses, ice blocks, snow drifts, pressure ridges, rocks, thin ice, open water, docks, the shoreline, other snowmobiles, and parked vehicles.
  • At least one of these is a contributing factor in almost every snowmobile accident:
    • Speed
    • Alcohol
    • Nighttime operation