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100% Michigan‐Approved Snowmobile Safety Course

A course on safe and responsible Snowmobile operation approved by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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Michigan-Approved Snowmobile Course

The Michigan Snowmobile Ed Course is approved and accepted by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

What’s Included in an Approved Course

A wide variety of topics are included in this Michigan course.

  • The basics of safe Snowmobile operation
  • Responsibilities of snowmobile operators to others and the environment
  • General information on preparing for the unexpected

The educational content in this course can help you enjoy snowmobiling safely and with less impact on the environment.

The Purpose of the Course

Snowmobile riding can be a fun, recreational pastime, but a snowmobile is only as safe as the person operating it.

Snowmobile safety education prevents accidents and saves lives. Whether or not your state or province requires it, all snowmobile operators have a responsibility to learn about proper and safe operation before hitting the snow.

Whether or not you are required to have snowmobile education in Michigan, the key to safe operation is knowing your snowmobile and using good judgment.

In addition to covering snowmobile safety, this Michigan Snowmobile Ed Course will help you develop the proper respect for your fellow snowmobile operators and the environment.