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Organizing a group ride takes careful planning and leadership.

Group scene of snowmobilers on a trail
  • Riders must adjust their speed and the distance between machines to accommodate the lowest level of riding experience, physical ability, and machine performance.
  • Less experienced riders, or those with less reliable machines, should never ride last.
  • The least experienced riders should ride immediately behind the leader.
  • Make sure novice riders have adequate training.
  • Allow time for all riders to discuss the trip and become familiar with the route.
  • Factor in time for rest stops and unplanned delays.
  • Plan for breakdowns, dangerous trail conditions, bad weather, and injuries.

Group Ride Spacing

  • Proper spacing is determined by speed, reaction time, distance, and the need to maintain visual contact.
  • As a rule of thumb, calculate spacing distances using a reaction time of two seconds. As the snowmobile in front of you passes an object, count one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two. If you pass that same object in less than three seconds, you should allow more space.