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You are looking at a preview of what’s in the timed Wisconsin Snowmobile Ed Course. Feel free to look around, but you’ll need to register to begin progress toward getting your Snowmobile Safety Certificate.

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  • Do not operate your snowmobile at speeds that are unreasonable or improper.
  • Slow to 10 mph or less and yield the right-of-way when you are riding:
    • Within 100 feet of a person who is not on a snowmobile or in or on a vehicle
    • Within 100 feet of an ice fishing shanty
  • When you are snowmobiling within 150 feet of a home or dwelling between 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., do not exceed 10 mph.
  • When riding next to a road, observe the posted speed limits.
  • At night, do not exceed 55 mph. This applies to all public and private property.