I am only twelve and have been around snowmobiles all of my life; my father and I do a lot of power sports. I think that your easy-to-use program may inspire some children to drop those controllers, and hop on a snowmobile. I would like to thank you again because now I can go on the trails. Yes, technology plays a big part in today's society, and you are using it positively, correctly, and usefully. Again, I am very impressed with the great work you guys are doing.

Alec, a snowmobile safety course student

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. Will definitely recommend it to others.

Randy, a snowmobile safety course student

Having been in business for 24 plus years, I must say it is a breath of fresh air to come across a true customer services professional. Your assistance was without delay and without quibble. You walked me through what I needed even though I did not know what that was. The care and genuine concern that you showed for a student that you probably don't know and your eagerness to assist me to help them are traits of a true professional and should be applauded.

RJ, a snowmobile safety course student

Thank you so much for your quick response and PDF file! That is what I call great customer service.

Avi, a snowmobile safety course student

Thank you for providing such a convenient way to take this course.

Joseph, a snowmobile safety course student

Thank you for offering this course. It was very interesting, informative, and helpful. This is my first Internet course and I enjoyed the self-paced, reviewable and very informative lessons. I received my ID card in the mail today, less then one week after completing the course.

Paul, a snowmobile safety course student

Thank you for taking time to answer my questions, and your website was right! You guys do reply fast!

Dave, a snowmobile safety course student

Thank you for making this course available to me. It made me feel safe to buy from you online, and seemed easy to understand. Keeping it simple is always the way to go. I see so many people over-design sites. Yours is perfect!

Robert, a snowmobile safety course student

Thank you so much for all your help today. It is so nice to actually have people call you back when you leave a message and an extra bonus when they are as nice and helpful as you were this morning.

Kim, a snowmobile safety course studentd

The course was well done: notes, drawings, videos, review questions, practice exam and critique, and the log in and out as you please. Thank you for the information and the time allowed to complete the course.

Brenda, a snowmobile safety course student

I would like to thank who designed this site. It was easy to read and understand, and nice to be able to return to sections that needed to be studied. I did all my reading and practice test at my desk at work during my breaks and lunch breaks. The visual aids were a good addition also.

William, a snowmobile safety course student

The course is laid out very nicely and allowed me to move at my own pace, which for a new-bee, was probably a bit slow. But I would rather have it that way. I particularly enjoyed the animated parts and pictures, which was very helpful.

Gregory, a snowmobile safety course student

This course was excellent! One of the best courses I have ever taken. A quality product and well worth the money. Thanks for doing such a great job.

Pat, a snowmobile safety course student

I just wanted to say that this was an excellent course! The visuals were great and easy to use; the videos drove the point home or provided a review. This was way better than sitting in a classroom, and I liked the fact that you could do it in your own time!

April, a snowmobile safety course student

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