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Cross with care, don't become road kill.

When crossing a road on a snowmobile:

  • Select a crossing point that offers good visibility in both directions.
  • Before crossing, come to a complete stop on the shoulder of the road.
  • Look both ways and yield to oncoming traffic.
  • Drive forward slowly. A snowmobile is hard to handle on pavement.
  • Drive straight across the road, not at an angle, to minimize the distance you need to travel.

Large snow banks often line both sides of the road.

  • To drive down a bank:
    • Use the posting position.
    • Lean toward the top of the bank as you descend.
    • Never attempt this if there’s oncoming traffic.
  • To climb a bank, lean toward the bank and apply the throttle.

When traveling in a group, appoint a crossing guard who:

  • Crosses the road first.
  • Gets off his or her snowmobile.
  • Watches for traffic traveling in both directions.
  • Signals each operator to make sure that only one snowmobile at a time crosses the road. The operator follows the steps for crossing safely.